Failure #food #

Its my second time on trying to bake à cake without oven and the result was not so good. Compared to last time, i think this was à better one. They say ‘practice makes it perfect ‘and since its another new decade, i guess am ready to go through à few disappointments to achieve the result i always anticipate. 2020 !! I can feel your vibe already. Let’s do this 😉

This was the mixture. Forgot to take à snap afterwards

WHY !?

I wish Christmas was celebrated for like à week or so…
I mean, we are celebrating the birth of the Most High, the King of Kings, Father of all Fathers that have ever existed.
25th Dec should be the greatest and the most recognized Day. (Yeaaah, i know you buy Christmas trees and buy gifts for your loved ones and share moments.)
Wengine wetu tunajua tu kwenda shagz and kuchinja.We should be taught to gather and worship this King like we have never done before. ‘JustHereThinking’😊